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Completely beginner friendly! This is something literally anyone can do, even if you've never earned anything online before, this couldn't be more perfect.

World first solution for major eCom flaw giving you easy and 100% legal access to buyer leads on major eCom platforms (with or without a store!) 

Build lists of targeted prospects who are looking to buy, then broadcast email messages to close the sales, and sell them even more for months and years to come!

Works in any niche you can think of, letting you build massive lists of targeted buyer leads.  If you can think of a product to buy... you can sell it! 

Unlimited funnels and unlimited leads, create a new funnel for any audience you want to explode and watch the leads start filling your autoresponder!

Perfect timing! Dreamed about owning a profitable ecom store?  Get set up in time for the biggest holiday season shopping rush we've ever seen!

Constantly growing traffic source with this set and forget automated system you literally couldn't turn off if you tried.  Buyers hungry to spend?  Hell yeah!

And SO MANY MORE WAYS to make money with this revolutionary software that does what was previously practically impossible, with just a few clicks 

Have the ability to create and manage accounts so you can sell this as a service too!

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Step #1: SELECT

Choose where you want your buyers leads to come from (Shopify, Etsy, Amazon FBA or Amazon Affiliate)


Pick your incentive. Offer a coupon or downloadable/physical bonus on your beautiful prebuilt lead capture pages

Step #3: PROFIT

Capture leads and make more sales! You know what your subscribers want to buy, now you can sell more to them!

Don't have a store yet?  Don't worry!  We're got you covered with our BONUS done-for-you Shopify store, which takes the average person 8 mins, 37 seconds to set up.  We'll give you everything & show you how!

I could tell you:

This cloudbased sales funnel software includes an awesome landing-page builder for capturing leads and you might think that’s pretty cool. (You’re right.)

I could tell you:

The clever coupon-delivery system boosts your sales and you might see this as your key to raking in the cash. (Right again.)

I could tell you:

This software can turn a complete beginner into an eCom mogul with increased sales to your Shopify, Amazon or Etsy store rankings fast (Game changer!)

I could even tell you:

You can use our Funneleo system to make money in eCom even if you've never made a single cent online before (Yup! 100% beginner friendly!)


It just scratches the surface of why Funneleo is a breakthrough, game-changing software that’s set to take the sales & online profit industry by storm!

Now you can tap into the biggest opportunity eCom has seen in decates, moments from now

Here's What Some Of Our Early Access Members Are Saying!

Our conversion has skyrocketed and our monthly sales volume has increased by 600% since we started using this amazing software, and now we have this HUGE lists of buyers that we can follow up with various targeted offers for as long as we like. Thank you Funneleo!

- Daniel Chou

"Funneleo deserves 4.9/ 5.0 It’s some cool features and  it’s cheaper and faster than coding it yourself"

- Gaurav Singh

Do I recommend? Certainly yes!

This is a must-try product for eCom and Amazon FBA sellers

- John Petter

Funneleo takes eCom store owners traffic, existing customers and store profits to a whole new level!

- Arnold Wegaer

In just 10 minutes from the time first logged in, I'd made my first landing page using Funneleo.  But WOW, this is so much more than just a 'landing page'.

It's user friendly, easy to cutomize and easy to edit the campaign.

All the elements you need to have a high converting landing page are already here. Thank you Funneleo!

This is a must have tool for all ecompreneurs!

- Herbert Flores

Wow! Very Powerful, Easy to Use and 100% Newbie Friendly Software.

I’ve used Funneleo and I must say it’s really impressive! Funneleo is loaded with powerful features which enables anyone to grab hot leads.

And the best part is it's really easy to use.

- Vishal Kangane

Let me explain WHY this is such a gamechanger...

Up until now, the #1 biggest obstacle to running a profitable ecom business on Shopify, Esty or Amazon is that they don't let you build a prospect or customer mailing list.

Because the platforms mask or withhold this information from you. And if they do let you capture emails, it’s a tedious process you’re forced to do manually.

It’s crazy. These folks are YOUR customers, but the platform doesn’t even let you simply capture their emails! 

WTF Shopify?!? 

The only way you can capture YOUR customer's email is for them to hunt down an optin form.

OR find the tiny (unchecked) tickbox on the checkout form. 

Approximately 80% of customers who buy are LOST to you forever, not even mentioning prospects who aren't quite ready to buy yet.  Currently, you've lost them all. 

Uhh Etsy?!? 

How to get your Etsy buyer emails?

1) Hunt through your email inbox for a notification email from Etsy.
2) Manually copy and paste this info into your autoresponder.

Unfortunately you can't do that though.  If they haven't opted into your list, you can't mail them legally.  So, no lists for you Etsy sellers...!

Excuse Me Amazon?!?

Selling on Amazon?  Well... once someone buys, Amazon owns them.

You don't even get a chance to see if they want to hear more from you.

Amazon goes as far as hiding the customer emails from you by creating an Amazon email address for each customer, so you cannot - under any circumstances, sell anything new to them

Funneleo helps you capture those emails in a way that keeps Amazon happy with you AND their new customers.  (seriously Amazon..?!?)

And Forget About It If You're An Amazon Affiliate

If you're promoting as an Amazon affiliate you're just sending traffic to an offer for 4% (if you're lucky) commissions.  No leads, so there's very little way to properly automate or scale anything affiliate-wise.

It IS WAS the same old story...

The little guys and gals get shoved and bullied further out of this profitable $3.5 trillion market

UNTIL TODAY!  (Finally!)


From: Cindy Donovan & Samuel Gilbert

To: You... if you're ready to profit more powerfully in eCommerce

Re: The breakthrough technology allowing you to access the most profitable assets you're entitled to, email lists of prospects and buyers.

I’m Cindy, proud Aussie mum of two teenagers, world traveller, self professed geek and gratefully successful Internet Marketer.

Over the last 12 years I’ve helped tens of thousands of people find easier, faster and better ways to market online - with many success stories of people being empowered to quit their 9-5 and finally start building lives for themselves.

While new Internet Marketing success stories are created every day... 

There are still WAY too many people who struggle to make money online. 

Which frustrates the hell out of me - and is the driving force pushing me to create easier, better solutions that help more people switch from struggling and financially scaping by, to living the lives they freely create.

Up until recently, you couldn’t compete on the same playing field as the online marketing bullies... those “big boys” with the six-figure budgets.

These competitors with really deep pockets are building their own ecommerce platforms so that they can build their own lists while you're left grovelling for scraps... 

They’re spending $50,000, $100,000 or more building these stores.

And they’re thriving within this $3.5 trillion industry… to the tune of millions of dollars in their pockets.

You know why? Because they’re sitting on big, profitable mailing lists that deliver huge sales every time they send an email!

They can collect leads and follow up with them. They can nurture relationships. And they can generate fresh sales with their customer lists any time they want.  (Or in the case of Shopify, Etsy and Amazon YOUR customer lists...!) 

Meanwhile, everyone else is fighting over the scraps. A sale here or a sale there. A repeat customer if the buyer happened to bookmark or “favorite” your storefront.

Talk about a great big kick to the... guts.

Many people who start up ecommerce stores fail in a pretty epic fashion. Most shop owners are lucky to clear $100, $250, or maybe $500 per month. It helps, but it doesn’t pay the bills. .

Now don't get me wrong...

If we set aside this issue of mailing lists for a moment, then these platforms are AMAZING.

They make it really easy for anyone to set up a secure storefront – even if you just logged onto the internet for the first time yesterday!

You don’t need to: hire a six-figure developer.

You don’t need to: worry about credit-card security and compliance issues.

You don’t need: a lick of technical knowledge to get up and running fast.

These stores literally make it “point and click” easy for you to create a popular storefront!

And once you've got your store live, you can sell just about anything through your store. 

So platforms like Shopify, Etsy & Amazon work great for: 

Mom & Pop Store Owners

Everyone is moving online more than ever now, you can give a local business a hand (for a fee!) to get in front of more people with their own online store

Handcrafting Entreprenuers

Whether you're painting rocks, knitting or carving wood - there are people all around the world you can reach with an online store

Product Flippers

Buy things cheap, do them up and sell them for more.  Most reliable way to see income flowing FAST, and with a store you can sell more even easier


The most handsfree way is to have other people make and ship the products for you - no wonder Shopify dropship stores are so popular!

And any other item you can think of to stock your store.

It’s super easy to set up. It’s super easy to take orders. Anyone can do it…

But there’s that sticking point – the platforms make it really hard to build a list.

And if you're a clever marketer that’s not just a sticking point, it’s a straight up deal breaker… 

If you could build a mailing list easily, you could see your fortunes change overnight… almost like magic!

That's because capturing leads and turning customers into repeat buyers are the two profit pillars of any business

When the platform you’re using doesn’t let you do these two things, your business is going to crash.  I'm talking about a burst-into-flames... blow-up-in-your-face Hindenburg style crash.

That’s a fact. 

Oh sure, you can throw a lot of money at the problem by advertising like crazy.

But if you’re not capturing leads and you’re not getting that repeat business

Eventually you’re going to go broke.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

And that’s exactly why we invented Funneleo…

The first-ever smart sales-funnel software that captures leads on Shopify, Etsy and Amazon…

Do the previously impossible!

That your competitors still can’t do it (yet) so there's a HUGE opportunity open to you!

It’s 100% legal (even though it feels a little like cheating!)…

It’s 100% in compliance with Shopify’s, Etsy’s and Amazon’s TOS

Here's Why You'll Love Funneleo!

The easiest way to build lists of people desperate and willing to buy from you!

Works flawlessly with Amazon, Shopify and Etsy to let you do what you could never do before: build mailing lists!

Capture emails from both prospects and customers easily using coupons and incentives.

Skyrockets your sales and boosts your store’s ranking by offering prospects coupons and bonuses!

Turns one-time buyers into profitable lifelong customers with automated follow up!

Integrates seamlessly with your existing email service provider – no need to switch!

Build landing pages fast – just point and click to use our high-converting funnel templates build especially for eCom!

Designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use – you’ll have your first funnel up and running in minutes from now!

View the built-in analytics to find out at a glance how well your campaigns are performing!

Generates unique landing page URLs – you don’t need your own website to use this system!

Choose from two types of landing pages. Offer coupons or other bonuses to build your lists and increase sales! 

See up to ten times more sales with Funneleo’s automated coupon and incentive delivery system!

Boost your advertising ROI by following up with your ecommerce leads!

Powerful sales funnels to make more revenue on Shopify, Amazon and Etsy!

Grow your ecommerce business and beat your competition by doing what others can’t: capture your leads!

Campaign broadcasting lets you send emails any time you want and pick when they’ll go live!

So much, that's never been possible until now...

This is 100% the best and easiest way to

See skyrocketing eCom sales

Experience a huge traffic boost

Get more repeat business

flowing through your virtual doors!

(Even if you've never had a store too!  I'll show you how in a moment)

This software is very easy to use. There’s nothing to download, nothing to install. Just log in and get going.

You can start using Funneleo just moments after you complete your order!

  Let Me Show You How Easy This Is With 

Funneleo's Simple Three Step System To Big Profits In eCom

Step #1: Login

Login and connect to your autoresponder.

Funneleo syncs with all your favorite autoresponders, including GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp and more.

Plus you can hook it up fast to any other autoresponders using API. Build your list using Funneleo or use your existing service – no need to switch! 

Step #2: Activate

Choose whether to offer prospects a coupon or bonus product in exchange for their email address.

Then just pick a template and customize it in a few clicks. Funneleo then creates a unique landing page link for you to promote – you don’t even need your own website to make this system work!

Step #3: Profit

Then sit back and let the system capture your leads, automatically deliver your coupon or other incentives, and skyrocket your sales!

It’s the hands-free way to grow your store!

If you've always wanted to own a profitable ecommerce store

Selling anything from Artwork to Zoo supplies (and everything in between)...

This is exactly what you need to simply the whole process and...


Funneleo Creates Beautiful, High-Response Landing Pages Especially Designed For Buyer Traffic

Choose from our library of done for you templates

Select if you want to give away a coupon (automatically delivered) - or some kind of other incentive.

Funneleo then adds them to your email list, delivers coupons and incentives automatically

This hands-free system lets you follow-up with your mailing list to turn browsers into buyers, and turn buyers into repeat customers!

Watch The Video Below For A
Complete Video Walkthrough!


What if you don't have an online eCommerce store?

Or have tried to make money in eCom and failed

Don't worry, that's totally ok!

In fact, it's better than ok.

Just Smile... Because...


During Our Launch Special Offer...

We're Including These Two
Amazing Funneleo Addons

NOTE: We reserve the rights to remove these at any time, if you see this they're still available

It's one thing to activate a bunch of these ready-to-go buyer capturing funnels and start seeing a flood of extra sales coming in. 

But it's another to be starting from scratch, activating your first online store and seeing something some to life that never existed before - seeing your list grow and your profits along with it.  Totally from scratch.

It's quite possibly the most satisfying and rewarding thing you can do. 

Which is why we want to give you a headstart.  If you've NEVER created a store before, we're going to just GIVE you one, with our first bonus:

NOTE: This special add on ONLY available when you buy from this page today.

BONUS #1: Done For You Shopify Store

During our limited time release we want to make this even easier for you to get profitable faster by including a complete done for you Shopify store

You'll get everything to have your store live quick!

[+] Complete pro looking design with animated images
[+] Carefully researched products, ready to 1-click import
[+] Setup video and PDF walk through 

If you've ever wanted an easy way to get into eCommerce this is it - and using this along with Funneleo you've got a surefire path to success. 

  Even If You're The Laziest Person On The Planet This Add On Will Work For You  

BONUS #2: Mega Mastermind Training

While getting powerful, easy to use software is great .. what's better is a direct path to know exactly how to turn your time online into cash.  So we've put together a special training event where you'll discover: 

Which is why we're holding a special live training event where you'll discover how to: 

[+] How to generate a ton of sales from scratch in 48hrs or less without spending a penny
[+] How to make those sales with a hot 40+% profit margin
[+] How to do it all with absolutely zero guesswork
[+] Using complete FREE tools, reverse engineered to give you an unfair advantag

This will be the best 90-120 minutes of live training you've been to, so you can get your hands on great knowledge and get your sales flowing faster

Unlimited Access $197  81% Discount Live!

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With Full Funneleo Access Today

Select Your Funneleo Membership Level Below

Funneleo Starter

Includes The Following: 

  • 10 Shopify Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 10 Etsy Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 10 Amazon FBA Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 20 Amazon Affiliate Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • Broadcast 500 Subscribers A Month
  • Easy to use lead capture page builder for prospects and capture customer emails
  • (Optional) Connect to your autoresponder
  • Automated coupon delivery system
  • Automated rewards delivery system
  • Access our 5,000+ Facebook community

Funneleo Unlimited

Includes The Following: 

  • 100 Shopify Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 100 Etsy Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 100 Amazon FBA Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • 100 Amazon Affiliate Funneleo Profit Funnels
  • Broadcast 10,000 Subscribers A Month
  • Easy to use lead capture page builder for prospects and capture customer emails
  • (Optional) Connect to your autoresponder
  • Automated coupon delivery system
  • Automated rewards delivery system
  • Access our 5,000+ Facebook community
  • [+] Bonus DFY Shopify Store
    Follow and import your first Shopify store, customisable and profit-ready
  • [+] Live Training Workshop
    Join with us as we showcase our most successful clients and what they're doing to experience their success
    Sell this as your own and create accounts inside your exclusive Funneleo agency dashboard!  Normally an additional $497 - yours FREE today!

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Funneleo Unlimited

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Your purchase today is protected by our 30-day money back guarantee.  If for any reason or no reason at all, you decide that Funneleo is not for you, as long as it's within the first 30-days, we will refund 100% of your money back. 

Now's is the chance for you to finally do eCommerce the smart way.  So sign up right now!

To Your Success,

P.S. I reserve the right to change the price, change the offer or remove this altogether even as soon as today.

If you want a beginner friendly way to see real profits without having to worry about dealing with the 'big boys' keeping you from what's rightfully yours, now is the time to act.   This incredible opportunity won't last. Secure your Funneleo account today. 

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